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For the first time in Publishing history...Reversing 160 years of falsehood –– sharing the true spirit of quantum science from Albert Einstein and Max Planck both, this book goes where no one has gone before –– showing not everyone even agreed with Darwin, especially not the most revered and famous science minds of our time...

“God does not play dice with the universe.”
~ Albert Einstein

Existence is pretty persuasive – and confirming.

It doesn’t matter who we are, agnostic, atheist, deist, male-female, we know existence is here, and with that, there is self-reflection in the experience of life. I know that my being is being. No one would say ‘my being is not being’. That makes no sense. We wouldn’t say my perception of the universe is fake. It’s an experience of hot, cold, hard, soft, love, pain, drama, happy, hilarious, tangible. There are some with a solipsistic query: But is this all an experience in Mind, and not really out there?

This Solipsistic question has been raised since the days of the Greek Philosophers. A solipsistic question is one which assumes that our Interior experience is the real or originating life-substance over the External life out here. Consciousness is everything to solipsists. They may postulate Merrily merrily merrily merrily, Life is but a dream.
But even with a Solipsistic question it does not say that there’s no individual experiencing. In fact it does presume Mind experiencing. Some say it’s your mind only doing the experiencing, not mine or theirs, even though there appears to be mine and theirs out here too. Some solipsistic arguments suggest only your mind’s experiencing is assured, as they (those images of people out there) may be just a part of Your experience – part of your seeing and hearing.
So the self of ours is all we can really count on, as real, they say. In fact the word Solipsistic actually means ‘alone-self’ in Latin, which suggests that it’s your mind alone here. I believe though with the quality of variety and individuation being the basis of universal reality, The Mind is actually “apportioned into smaller centers”- in individual units, so we all have tremendously rich varied alone experiences. Let’s look at the Cosmos we see in the awareness we are, to grasp it.

Conformist Thinking

In preparation for the material coming in this book, revealing the insubstantial imaginary theory of Darwin called evolution and Natural Selection, we're going to discover something of great import about society's mind. First, there are purveyors and there are listeners; perhaps background Audience is more accurate. They
don't really care; and don't really listen. But when there's a concerted effort over decades or centuries to foist a thought or belief system on the masses, it can generally 'Take' in the minds among very many.

We'll discover that since most do not get educated at all, or deeply in Evolution (perhaps a class or two, if ever) they don't focus on it. Yet because its topic is ever present in society - in our school system, in TV programming, science programs and networks like the Discovery Channel, and because newscasters are told what to say by management, except for perhaps Bill O'Reilly, this idea asserting that a universe of something-ness came from nothingness, and that Life, self-replication abilities and Consciousness arose as they say Spontaneously - well, it's become somewhat embedded in societal awareness (in a few 
at least).
As said earlier most don't have atheist beliefs, and probably say of evolutionists: Just let it go.They rant and rave, who cares.  The fact is finally true, we all live in our own private worlds in our particular mind-Space, and associate, by and large with others of similar 'spaces'.

“Present-day ultra-Darwinism which is so sure of itself, impresses incompletely informed biologists, misleads them, and inspires fallacious interpretations.”
(Grasse, Pierre-P [editor of the 8-volume”Traite de Zoologie,”  former Chair of Evolution, Sorbonne University and ex-president of the French Academie des Sciences], “Evolution of Living Organisms: Evidence for a  New Theory of Transformation 1973

But here's the point. Even the students who make their degree's Major Course-work in 'Evolution' are fed a contrived story frame-work in explanatory ideas to sound reasonable, yet when anyone goes more deeply (or asks insightful questions) they realize its flimsy structure. It is based on Not asking questions. We find in their classrooms they can be brow-beat or marked down in grades, if asking challenging inquiries. So because of this concerted effort of pushing its promulgation over a century, it has gotten a certain level of 'accepted non-questioning'.

If we ask anyone, even newscasters What and why they believe in evolution, they do not know what to say. You believe folks really know why they agree?  No of course not. It is simply popular prattle to say, and we find nodding heads, and people saying I see. Who wants to argue anyway? But no one asks really deep or insightful questions about it. We will right here. Get ready to hear almost everything about its illogic and non-factual and porous assertions.
Of course this book is just a few hundred pages, so everything disproving evolution is not in here. Even if it were 1000 pages, we could still go on with many more (there's so many reasons and examples). But what we are pleased by herein, is once you catch the drift of the foundational principles by which Darwinism can be dissolved into smiles or head shaking, you'll make the next leaps on your own.
The First Incredible Fact

There’s a fascinating fact we should know about the universe which is in every part, essence, nook and cranny of it. We must know and appreciate it because it brings an incredible awareness allowing us to ponder on crucial matters. Whenever I share this particular truism with people, even atheists, they’re drop-jawed. They look off in a distance in their mind and ponder momentarily.

Minds become able during pondering because it’s a very good past time for us to engage. Yet, if we do not know about this amazing fact we could misstate the foundational principle of All, In and of the universe. Without knowing this we may often call, and Do call the universe an inanimate dead space, and it’s not. Yet it is because of this truth which we know and share here, that the universe is not an inanimate dead space.
There’s a view out there (almost everywhere) that space is dead, inanimate; and the universe of matter-energy is essentially dead too. “It’s just material stuff” we think. When you hear this from now on you’ll know it’s not true. Although it may take some settling of concepts in your awareness, to truly assimilate its depth in meaning and impact on everything.

The universe is alive with most crucially rhythmic energy, pulsing out cosmic heartbeats in effusive mathematic movement everywhere in every direction. It’s in the constructiveness in ever-more sophisticated complexities, arising all over, through this wisdom that’s about to be shared. Here it is.
There’s a pulsing rhythmic mathematic energy-heart-beat all Through and At every quantum-point in the bubble-continuum of Space-time-matter-energy. It’s a modulated constant fine-vibrational ‘movement and rest’ of rhythmic-pulsation.

It’s a very minute-fine-shimmering-essence-of-frequency-vibra-tion (a faint shimmer pulsed out regularly - say every trilli-second) at the Planck mass level of the universe (our smallest aware point of existence). In giving everything movement and rhythm it even provides moving structures to what we call Time in a modulated constant pulsing vibration. It provides spatial geometry within the All of everything every where as well through this movement. And why focus on Rhythmic? This indicates order. It indicates structure-purpose-intention. It reveals a source somewhere pulsing, doing it in a periodic fashion, rhythmically.

There’s not one particle at quantum point that is absent from its influence. It Touches Every thing. Movement IS geometry in space. When there’s a There over there it’s because you have movement. If you only have 'here' there’s no Experience or geom-etry anywhere out there (only in Here – in consciousness). But with a moving cosmos you have the experience of travel, of ME, of coming, going, of volume, depth, width, breadth, distance. If there’s no movement there’s nothing to experience. All is ideation only in pure I am here (when nothing’s moving anywhere).
Why do we bring up this wonderful fact of the infinite cosmic shimmering heartbeat? First of all, we should know about it, as we may have not been told about it before. But put simply, none of us knows where this heartbeat Pulse of Infinite minute energy comes from or Why it’s in the universe or how it is Everywhere in an omnipresence. It’s an anomaly. No one understands it.
Who can explain an ever-present vibrational-pulse of energy through the all of everything? Is there a scientist somewhere with an answer? No. This shimmering frequency vibration is invisibly everywhere – from somewhere.

Now here’s an interesting concept. Since it’s everywhere then it is Not traveling to everyplace from some single locale to pulse out its energy (as the universe is 15 billion light years wide). No, no the vibration is Now everywhere all the time (no need for it to travel) it’s already here. My friends ask HOW can some frequency vibration BE everywhere already?
What could be infinitely pulsing in omnipresence? Is there a hyperspace Source of vibration beyond all time-space-matter-energy? If there is, what do we call this source – a Prime Mover behind it all? And if there is a hyperspace source, how can you say it’s not Consciously Purposed in its lively rhythm? Who’s to say this pulse does not create warmth, so important to everything, especially life.
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