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For the first time in Publishing history...Reversing 160 years of falsehood –– sharing the true spirit of quantum science from Albert Einstein and Max Planck both, this book goes where no one has gone before –– showing not everyone even agreed with Darwin, especially not the most revered and famous science minds of our time...


“The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it IS Comprehensible.”  

Albert Einstein

I have a confession. I did not read. Even in getting assignments in elementary and junior high school (to prepare book reports) could not make me do it, well rarely. Although I did turn them in, to get good grades. Yet there was an exception - Quantum physics. It grabbed me. I inhaled it, consumed it and digested it. I started seeing the whole world through quantum-science lenses. While you were telling me something, I was running it through quantum filters, and omnipresence filters. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. The many topics I loved in science and several others I devoured endlessly.

There are times in deep meditation and breathing rythmically we see the particles of life's essence. We can see the gaps in the
"film frames" if you will, of the cosmos-world images. The essence
of the Big Picture is IN the tiniest image-pictures and in the sound waves heard in somewhere in mind. Gifts are given, and the most insightful realizations are shared with those who are inquiring into the deep of being. If we do not know the ecstatic side of life, we are missing out on the richest and the deepest.
Quantum science is often called the ‘Science of God’. Why; because it reveals how the cosmos works, and sometimes why it works, but not always.  There is an 'unknown' that no one will ever be able to describe or explain. It is completely in the Prime Mover's power and choosing. Remember this now. It may be asked of anyone anywhere and there will be no answer coming. This is the very first Divine selection in a universe of energy and matter.  There is a void state underneath, behind, or at a hyper space location BEYOND the universe, and it is where particles keep emating from. Not as a creation but an emanation.  The First Law of Conservation says this fact to us.

But there is a choice of intention, purpose, selection and also choosing that sends forth electrons, protons, neutrons, and many other partcles we cannot even name them all; and all of different shapes and sizes, 'magnetic charges' and so many qualities of intention and uniqueness it's wondrously awesome. It is too wonderful  - the balance - the artistry - the coherence, making its way to all levels of reality, in harmonious cohesion and in structures arising, that we have no idea the science involved.  We cannot conceive of a mind that can contain it all but it is.

Why is often a bugaboo to Darwinism to discern. Learning about an underneath or inner realm of the universe is wondrous to curious minds and truly satisfies, even in a pondering.

We discover scientists tell us THAT things work in such a way, and we praise them, yet they cannot say Why or How come that way? We peer through a glass darkly. We grant them esteem for sharing That things work this way. Yet ask them Why it is and they respond ‘We’re still searching’.

Why is gloriously supreme, and elegantly underneath it all (so often it’s a private affair of the universe itself). It’s not that it is just unknown right now or currently unseen but is so often a true secret in endless mystery; and it will never be seen at all. Just like an infinite essential vibration shimmering pulse is inexplicably through the cosmos (where, how, why, when is unknown). There are things we’ll never know.

Even with quantum science having exciting revelations of infinitesimal detail in atoms, matter-energy and infinite laws – with its unadulterated logic and startling, artful, beautiful inexplicable aspects (at least in our awareness) we still do not see and do not know everything, obviously.
Yet there are some things we sometimes do know about the cosmos that are inspiring. It is embodied in Einstein’s statement “The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it IS Comprehensible.” There’s a certain explicable-wisdom we occasionally grasp about the way things are. Once it is felt and seen it can never be Un-admired or forgotten.

Einstein also said God does not play dice with the universe. We will get into what he meant by that a little later. But it is startling. When we see or understand (with our intelligence) the Intelligence behind Something we smile with private inner knowing  – like the satisfaction of being in on a private joke or giving secret credit where it’s due. It’s like we are In-On the mystical beauty of a thing, or its essential rationale. There’s even gratitude when feeling this private knowing. At his 1918 Nobel Prize winning acceptance speech quantum physicist Max Planck famously said this:

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science  –  to the study of matter  –  I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms, this much; There’s no matter as such; All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a Force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration holding this minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind.”

This was said by Planck in front of a worldwide scientific community of peers at his Nobel ceremony; he was one of a few, who originated quantum science, and spoke here 59 years after Darwin’s book came out. Not everyone, especially not in the quantum scientific world, agreed with Darwin at all. You may just be learning this. It has been frankly forced on 10 year olds, high school and university students for many decades now, by a secularist atheistic group in the educational systems of the west. They came from Darwin mostly, but we will point out a trend over a few centuries of its arising.

Enjoy it now, in this book, because it will not be heard hardly at all, anywhere out there. Planck’s name is where phrases Planck Length or Planck Level came from. It’s the smallest agreed to size in the universe. It is also called Quantum Point, by some.

Cell Splitting

One thing that seems to be forgotten, like the miraculous nature of DNA, is Cell Splitting. This is the first miracle (maybe the second). Yet it is never explained.  It is unanswerable. And it is very much a quantum event. So – they never touch it. They refer to it, but do not explain or say why, say how, or reveal its origination or logic. They just say THAT it is, but never Why it is. Can we really blame them?  It too is a miracle. There’s a glob of cellular liquid with proteins in it, encased in a cell membrane. [Read or peruse again those first few paragraphs after the Preface on the interior make-up of the cell, before reading the next few sentences]. See, Darwin said the cell was filled with a jelly-like substance.  He did not know it was a little city.

Who invented the miraculous membrane? – and how long did the membrane take to develop – invent – just a moment? (because if not just a moment it won’t work). But that breaks Darwin’s first principle again; of everything needing endless successive modifications. We should know the cell membrane may be one of the greatest miracles in all of nature. It does not rip, or tear or break when the cell splits. The whole thing decides to split in two Identical halves? Wow.
But the membrane does not break or crack or rip, it remains in place for the new cell too, just as it was in the first one. That’s better than a magician. Why doesn’t it rip apart? See if the membrane takes more than a microsecond to be invented/arise, then that living cellular liquid will move away, dissolve and lose its tenor of life just waiting for a membrane to capture it and hold it not to mention all its inner workings.

Now then, they both do that splitting again and again and again and we get babies, and growth in every plant, insect, fish, animal and human, corn, lilies?  Why don’t they explain that first miracle of life?  Well, it is too wonderful. They would belittle it if they attempted it. How come they never explain this miracle of the cell coming to life in existence?

Where's The Water From?

Do fish spit to swim in the liquid? There’s an uncomfortable fact that may be one of the most understated and perplexing conundrums in modern science. Where did all this water come from covering 70% of the Earth? Earth is covered with water. It has a molten iron core, and various layers of crust, magma, rock strata, and somehow acquired an amazing amount of surface oceanic H2O. There are many foolish theories on how we got the water. Lots of ice comets fell onto our hot rock planet. Please.

And we know the human body is about 70% water too. There may be a correspondence there? Water is the greatest volume of the body. 70% of the cell’s volume is water. Our brains and neurons sit is water. Our muscles, organs, skin, deep tissue, are steeped in it, and the electricity that runs our body’s systems is awash in water. Life’s awash in water all over its wet profile. We can cover earth's oceanic water question more thoroughly later, but what we’re pondering here is the ever-present water in Life. This can get perplexing when one starts pondering it.

Let us start noting water’s ubiquitous presence. We will be amazed at its everywhereness. Yes it comes down in rain all over. Yes, it waters the fields and mountains in this rain. The water seeps into the earth soil and feeds the root systems of plants with nutrients, within the water itself, and from the atmosphere too as the rain falls, it brings other elements down. This system of evaporation and precipitation is a miracle, because there’s so many steps and stages in it, it’s humbling. To summarize it as only evaporation and precipitation is to summarize, not explain the awesomeness of it.

Here’s where it gets interesting. All the plants are chemical factories that are barely understood. (Who designed the chemical transformation factories)? They transform light, chemicals, water, elements into vitamins that feed the plant life, that feed the animals, insects, worms, birds, humans, etc. Incidentally, the vitamins plants generate in their factories and structure are exactly the vitamins we need for health. How convenient. Wouldn’t it be terrible if our body needed a whole different set of vitamins than were on the Earth?
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