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For the first time in Publishing history...Reversing 160 years of falsehood –– sharing the true spirit of quantum science from Albert Einstein and Max Planck both, this book goes where no one has gone before –– showing not everyone even agreed with Darwin, especially not the most revered and famous science minds of our time...


“There’s a Coherent Plan in the universe.”  
Sir Fred Hoyle

Here’s something you will not read anywhere else.

No one ever asks how a mutation is able to command particles from the etheric world of quantum science in space, into various material substances, like muscle, bone, teeth, rosy mouth interior, eyeballs, ear drum, toe nails – eye LENS ??

Sorry, mutations are just accidents, not “supremely intelligent” material constructors in planning. Construction of a molecule is a quantum event not a mutation. Making Molecules like trees, only God can do. Mutations tweak a genome or codon not command atoms in the ether.

Mutations are not what you very likely think. The explanations given to you by teachers is so often quite wrong, or badly explained, that its comprehension is flawed. One thing you should know about is the recent mathematic over-sight just realized. DNA is so smart that it has an error detecting ability to AVOID errors, so they hardly ever happen. They have discovered the frequency that mutations occur in, in the mitochondrial DNA on the mother’s side, and it's up to thousands of years apart.
So with computers mathematicians can calculate the number of creature, species, fish, people, and the number of potential mutations as well, and there is not enough time in history for all this life to happen, let alone so perfectly, in Darwin’s famous ‘successive modifications’ idea for things to develop within. Does your professor want you to know this? NO. HE may not even know it.

See, as the DNA restructures itself and rebuilds itself it occasionally has a very tiny glitch occur in assemblage. Because genomes and Codons can get flipped into an On or Off position (a miracle yes-- but I am using a crude image) it sometimes may make something different happen – another toe, club foot, down-syndrome, but these changes do not transform us into another creature like an ape, or make a whole new Something occur throughout the species, it’s just local. That’s how smart DNA is. That’s why we have never found any half way animal skeletons anywhere.

They have painted a picture of mutations happening end-lessly, and on the Same entity – but the chances of even one mutation affecting any individual is so low we should not mention it at all almost; but to have 2 or more mutations change one entity is about impossible; sorry. And they said the mutations were improving the species with new cool qualities. Friends (it’s a joke). Species are cool already. DNA is cooler than any Darwinian.

They have said all features in all entities came from mutations – and they taught this for 100 years, and never even knew about DNA’s existence. What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to de- ..So How could DNA stumble onto how to make finger nails, hair, skin, livers, stomach, hydrochloric acid for digesting food, oh (did you know the hydrochloric acid arose in a few seconds  –  not many modifications)? Really? Listen close.

How do we know it was a few moments (as with any mutation) if it is not there in a just a moment, no food we’d eat would ever get digested with no acid, and we’d die, because we didn’t get the Prime Mover’s intended vitamins – ohh sorry, ah, nature’s provided nutrients, so necessary for healthy living.
Here’s how crazy their thought is. Other scientists in other fields of science – the scientists of statistical mathematic sciences – Statistical Analysis Scientists – have strung together super computers computing so fast its dizzying; and they are simply attempting to determine how long an accident would take to occur for congealing into a directing DNA program of living material protein-molecules, which could not only command blue eyes, bones, livers, hearts, brain growth, 45 miles of nerves communicating every sensory experience known to man and animal and plant, but Then SURVIVE as well, into a decent future within a housing. Oh my, 'housing'.

See, it is not enough to postulate DNA arising accidentally (congealing perfectly with communication abilities, purpose, effectiveness and know-how) able to tell proteins to form the rubbery material in an eyeball’s spherical exterior for instance, and then command the liquid aqueous humor to be formed by other liquid-forming-proteins inside (how'd they get taught) then form the material that the retina requires too... seeing colors.

Now a miraculous transparent lens (our windows) and the amazing expanding-collapsing Iris/pupil as well need to arise (to achieve perfect vision-ability in seeing with focusing muscles) but [here’s where it becomes completely untenable to believe in their idea] DNA (or anything mutated) needs the ability to survive forward after being formed. If there’s no ‘room’ or environment for satisfying its survival in the future, the mutation has no legs so to speak. It will not even continue, no matter how fortuitously cool it was.

In other words whenever a mutation makes something brilliant (accidentally of course) it has to make a perfect housing environment too (in its mutation-ness) so it can survive forward thereafter. It needs to do many mutational functional-accidental instances of dumb luck all at once or the brilliant mistake won’t even continue forward. It needs to be housed –  to be taken care of.

Inconceivable Reproductive Illustrations

Here’s a perfect example. Imagine a mutation in male and female entities happening simultaneously (an unheard of notion) to create the perfect procreative system of phallus, seamen, testes, sending muscles, and her ova, womb, uterus, vagina etc., in a perfect working procreative male-female design.
Now Darwin’s idea of endless successive modifications to perfect something till it’s perfect, is a false supposition in the phallus and female reproductive systems. Why, because friends if they don’t work perfectly the first time, there is no human race.

We do not have all this endless time that he suggests illogic-ally! Either the human race is going to propagate perfectly now
or not; we do not have decades or centuries when we are coming
from Two fortuitous accidents of miraculous-arising in two kids.
Now a boy and girl having simultaneous mutations for sexual-
ity is too preposterous anyway, but it has to be right right Now.

The construction of the phallus that needs perfection right now is so crucial it is too incredible. The design of blood vessels, nerves-centers, testes-semen, the action of nerve arousal being connected to the brain and emotional passion-states is so complicated (it’s a miracle) and You know already that there are men right now who have problems in their male matters currently. Imagine this having to be right the very first occasion of reproduction way back in history. If it fails there’s no race. Our sexuality is so complex, and also love-oriented, it has tenderness in it (beloved partners make sure of that) imagine some primeval monkey-thing (that we’re supposed to be descended from) figuring it out a first time (with a newly mutated female nearby) and why is she nearby anyway?
Now imagine a female mutation on the exact same day. This occurs with ovaries, ova-vagina, fallopian tubes, cervix in a perfect warm housing, uterus-famous beneficial uterine wall, placenta also mutated into being. But I confess I forgot something. Forgive please.

When these millions of fortuitous mutations occur within the DNA in either boy or a girl, it’s going to take some time for the DNA commands to tell the quanta-molecules in the body to start producing blood vessel for him and the phallus, nerve centers of pleasure in each of them and the fallopian tubes being open enough. Oh No, I didn't share that to grow all these systems spontaneously is actually quite a job maybe months or years. Then they will be ready for each other if they can even FIND each other, to become attracted to each other. OH my what if he’s ugly?
However assuming he’s ok the mutation of spermatozoa and ovum being generated at exactly the same moment, and combining together perfectly, with the miracle of cell-splitting present for baby growth to occur [huge supposition to begin with] BUT (now listen) imagine all these mutations forgot to mutate accidentally of course an umbilical cord to feed the baby. Oh my, the baby will not survive and the human race (any race) will never successfully survive into the future. The baby never got fed with that tube missing.

Even though these multi-billion fortuitous mutations hap-pened all at once in a boy and girl both making them procreative that very first time “one little thing” like the baby’s umbilical feeding-tube forgot to happen. See, Successive Modifications just will not do. Not only will it not do for the race to survive, as Everything needs perfection NOW or no pregnancy will ever occur; but if the entities that had all these fortuitous mutations occurring (millions of them in each body) it would be a scientific impossibility for the entire system to arise in one entity perfectly.

Even one mutation happens rarely in anyone, but to have millions of them in one entity in a very short time period, designing perfectly in two different sexual individuals who ‘worked together’ to make babies impregnate, is impossible. To have All occur with each male and female Need, is preposterous. Can’t laugh enough. They even have to be nearby.

When the girl gets pregnant the baby will die with no umbilical cord. Just one thing you should appreciate about the illogic of their theory, is this: Their mutations that they’re so proud of (mutations remember are actually just accidental little tweakings not big amazing deeds)-the mutation is not only supposed to be responsible for the design of the system [in an accident mind you]; but its structure, size, pathways, temperature, lubrications and Material construction too (smooth, rigid, grainy, striated, its color) ‘this much carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, argon’ to make it rough, shiny, wet, whatever was also designed beautifully by an accident too? Come on.

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