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For the first time in Publishing history...Reversing 160 years of falsehood –– sharing the true spirit of quantum science from Albert Einstein and Max Planck both, this book goes where no one has gone before –– showing not everyone even agreed with Darwin, especially not the most revered and famous science minds of our time...

What a piece of work is a man?
 How noble in Reason, how infinite in faculties;
In form and moving how express and admirable, 
In action how like an Angel  –
in apprehension, 
how like a god.

-The beauty of the world, the Paragon of animals. 
and yet, to me,
what is this quintessence of dust.  

William Shakespeare – from ‘Hamlet’

The life we live is within and without. There’s a universe inside us of such magnitude that our being is like a soundless depth – unplumbed by sounding line – without end or measure. In it we have endless realizations, rich feelings, ennui, sorrow, ordinary self-images time-based tensions, boredom, passion; and questioning, that never stops.

The universe outside us is so impressive in size and stature, it is a head-bowing immensity of scientific structure, system-complexities, cosmic laws, energy, colors, dark and light, gravity and movement (in geometries of space, cold and hot, speed and stasis); well we might even believe the outer universe actually dwarfs the inner one. Not!

Inside of us in our comprehensions and apprehensions, feeling, emotions, it’s truly richly complex. We’re like “billionaires of human substance and depth”. If we look at the deep of our desires for continuing social improvement alongside our curiosity (in unending passion) we might wonder from where, comes this wellspring?

In that romance with constructing, and that human Aspiring of industry, with endless some say wondrous work-ethics we build magnificently don’t we, and then we realize we have so much pouring forth from within us in exquisite ideation, that’s fueled by some zealous inner energy; we’re like Master-Artists giving endlessly – effusively to the outer world (with the wares of our interior self’s abundance).
Our limitation frequently is simply seeing our passion as crucial and everyone else’s activities as just theirs. We’re all like one of the perforated holes in a sprinkling bucket pouring forth so many little water-streams, on garden plants. We think our little stream maybe more important than other streams. Or if we appreciate the fact of all these streams we simply may not cognize on very many of them. But in truth we are all pouring forth from the same endless creative abundance-source in each life.
“Space - the Final frontier” Captain Kirk’s voice-over said it confidently in the TV series Star Trek. It’s partially what this book is about: Time and Space, Energy and Matter, consciousness and body, breath and brain – it is a deep topic we venture out on; and IT is going to be fun. We will consider so many new discoveries, facts, ideas, concepts, sciences and amazing synthesis of knowledge; we’ll be uplifted in several satisfying ways in doing so. It’s that improvement thing we love so, don’t we?

The human mind loves to ask why. Right next to why it wants to know how. It presumes we know what is true or that something’s real. But when we do not yet know what’s true, nor know If something Is, then we’re not far along that path of knowing yet are we? For instance, humanity knew for a long time that it rained (sometimes snowed) but we did not know why or how that occurred. Rain was an experience we had, then we gradually came to appreciate, know and understand it.

What is, we feel should be obvious, right (at the very least)? It appears that all we need is eyes to 'get' something. It rains. Sometimes we note ‘it often rains this time of year’. Then we begin pondering. But by just looking we’ll see What Is, right? But this sometimes isn’t the case as our seeing and our conclusion-making may be immaturely developed or poorly informed. They may be based on false or faulty assumptions. Notice, it is assumptions that can be the problem.

Questions In Consciousness – 
Loving Mysteries

The ever-seeking human mind and heart are a conundrum for atheistic secularists. Hearts and minds are so deep we have an ever-present urge to know, to experience, understand and feel. Why is passion found in dumb matter they wonder? Why does this fortuitous consciousness include talents anyway, like art, music, mathematics, designing and dancing, sexual intensity or artful manual dexterity  –  and even Love?
We’re all very much like scientists, from infancy onward. What is that? How does that work? Why is that there? What does it mean? How come they said, do not touch? We’re all about exploring. Exploration is our middle maybe even our last name. It’s an urge to be fulfilled in knowing and even Dominion; because after we’ve come to know something we may move on to other adventures. Then we begin adding ‘I want that.’ Fulfilling human urges feels good. Ah the satisfaction of life experience, even perhaps satiation.
Yet when we pursue a higher path of discovery or self-discovery to lift up awareness for living, we stare and sometimes we See – sometimes we even comprehend, yet the staring is good all by itself. I personally love to stare within my life. It has fulfillment in it. Staring increases awareness. Staring produces wisdom. The quiet that attends our staring, has its own shared benefit for us too. And when staring is attended by seeing, knowing, feeling and understanding, that, is exquisite experiential Human Being-ness, being completed in some way.

When we don’t see actual facts (as they may be underneath or in some way invisible) we may not resist the urge to begin assuming things or making inferences about things. When scientists do this assuming, inference-making even drawing conclusions thereto we find that years later scientists, for example, in an advanced generation with finer instruments come along with actual facts in hand dashing to pieces what were formerly drawn well-publicized inferences based in assumptions. No embarrassment exists in the originators of course, as they’re probably dead.

It’s only the proponents still alive who are uneasy. They may lose a job. What if there’s a “smoking gun” or “magic bullet” disproving Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection from 1859? But how would it ever get out?  How easy would it be to get it heard, or understood?
DNA Ruined Evolution – For Good

That’s exactly what happened for evolutionary theory when DNA was discovered. It was replaced by the new DNA knowledge. Very few know this because evolutionists adopted the new facts on DNA so quickly. If people had only a basic knowledge of evolution, they’d have realized the fact of DNA ruining evolution.

Most people take but one or two evolution classes in their life, if that, and because they do not ever care to enter deeply into its foundation or premises, and because the educational systems all teach it, they just say ‘Okay’ and do not think about it ever again really, but perhaps in party conversation. Darwinians basically acted as if they discovered DNA. It was an artful finesse, as good as anyone or group trying to do so anytime in history.

Darwinism was so fast at adopting the knowledge of DNA, it was as if they were the ones giving it to the world; when it was actually and truly replacing their concept of Natural Selection. We will see this in the next few pages. Truly. We’ll not disappoint. But really, who can blame them; they have human frailties and human nature, as all of us do.

They did not want to be discarded. They’re just people. They didn’t want to lose their job. It may be a lot of trouble being an out of work Darwinian evolutionary Biologist – whose whole career was just disproven – it’s just too problematic. Where would an out of work Darwinian get a job?
“Read all about it. Natural selection gets replaced with discovery of DNA. Scores of university professors worldwide look for work. Darwin has finally been disproven; Film at 11.”

No they couldn’t abide that. “Once they seen the city how ya gonna keep them down on the farm.”
After a century of building an empire of authority and esteem, built on assertions, they couldn’t let a new chapter begin where a Prime mover’s finger prints were discovered in all of DNA-life. Their precious Natural Selection would be defeated. I read a startling quote from a Darwinian the other day showing his amazement at DNA’s astounding brilliance and how DNA is incredible but he ended the statement saying “Natural Selection made it this way.”

This is funny because even when they love and praise DNA they denigrate it by ascribing it to haphazard accidentalism; suggesting accidents Directed DNA. Please don’t be deceived; Natural Selection is not an intelligent thing (it’s an accidental ‘chance-filled stumbling’ like a rock rolling down a hill). By its very definition from Darwin himself – it’s just accidents.
Be aware please that DNA-RNA is like a billion separate sets of Encyclopedia Britannica volumes (only this is diminishing its power and complexity as it can communicate its wisdom too in language). Its multi-faceted sublime differentiations in a multi-billion code-language directing all material essence of all our life-forms – the construction-structure, color, molecular make-up, needs, interfacing nature all coming from some form of Intention, exist in subatomic particles telling life forms to Do things; like have brown eyes, be six feet tall, have art talent, be easy-going, be an oak tree, be a Fern, a worm, a rose or an ant.

It is so complex that after more than half a century we cannot figure out its wisdom, and have not yet discovered its foundational principles or powers. How it has this wisdom for design, constructing, texture, material essences we may never know. For Darwinism to ascribe accidents as the fountain informing DNA of its awesome purpose, power, communication ability and “computer-programming” is just joking.
It’s like saying the paint on computer cases gives direction and progress to the programming inside the computer hardware and software. Only, natural selection is less impactful than “paint” on the computer shell. Why? Natural Selection is not true. It’s a figment of a ‘hypothetical assertion’ from 1859. There’s No natural selection. T’was never proven At ALL. The next few pages will prove DNA ruined their idea.
You will learn right here that DNA has done away with, did away with the theory of evolution. No one told us that? Glad to oblige. The educational system is entrenched in Darwin, that’s why. Do we realize how difficult it’ll be to extricate ourselves from Darwin after 150 years?
Now I assure that I will not make statements here that can not be supported or proven herein. We will show here what very few educators and Darwinists want people to know. The beginning of this incontrovertible proof of DNA’s destruction of their theory is even arriving beginning on the next pages. I believe it will be satisfying reading for us. We’ll use Darwin’s own words to do it. Yes His words in his fearful fatal prediction are the source of one of the disproofs.

DNA – Discovered in the 20th Century

DNA’s discovery happened like this. In the late 1800’s, German biochemists found that the Nucleic Acids (long-chain polymers of nucleotides inside our cells) were made up of sugar, phosphoric acid, and nitrogen-containing bases. Later it was found that sugar in the nucleic acid may be Ribose nucleic acid or Deoxy-Ribose nucleic acid – giving it two named forms: R-N-A and D-N-A.
In 1943, the American Oswald Avery proved that DNA carries genetic information. This was astounding. This was Evolution’s cracks beginning to form. Natural Selection’s days were numbered. DNA’s like finding a script, a digital-recorder computer and programming inside our very cells. How did this massive multi-billion code-complex of information Get in there?
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