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For the first time in Publishing history...Reversing 160 years of falsehood –– sharing the true spirit of quantum science from Albert Einstein and Max Planck both, this book goes where no one has gone before –– showing not everyone even agreed with Darwin, especially not the most revered and famous science minds of our time...


“Any living being possesses an enormous amount of 'intelligence,' very much more than is necessary to build the most magnificent cathedrals. Today, this 'intelligence' is called 'information,' but it is still the same thing. It is not programmed as in a computer, but rather it is condensed on a molecular scale in the chromosomal DNA or in that of any other organelle in each cell. 

This 'intelligence' is the sine qua non of life. If absent, no living being is imaginable. Where does it come from? This is a problem which concerns both biologists and philosophers and, at present, Science seems incapable of solving it.”
(Grasse, Pierre-P [editor of 28-volume “Traite de Zoologie” former Chair of Evolution, Sorbonne University and ex-president of the French Acad des Sciences], Evolution of Living Organisms: Evidence for a New Theory 
of Transformation,

It’s not incapable of being solved, but perhaps, from their point of view, it is. This ‘information domain’ is from the One Thing and the permeated knowing that we shared earlier.

We all marvel at what’s called nature’s wisdom, don’t we; and we may smile inwardly because we know when we hear Nature’s wisdom referred to by someone we’re really talking about a benevolent creative intelligent artistic Deific One, who gave expression to all so awesomely, and we’re just drop-jawed at the design and miraculous implementation of life inside a bubble – inside a Void of emptiness and darkness.
Consciousness – 
the Source of the Information Domain.

Let us go back for a real grasp. There are two ways to understand creation. Creation is here. It exists. The universe is a something rather than a nothing. The first law of all science (the 1st law of Thermodynamics a prime physics law that all physicists honor) says that this universal something has been around eternally and always will be.
This natural law of the Conservation of Energy also says that Energy (the fiery stuff that makes up all things) cannot be destroyed. It can only be changed in its form. Neither can energy be created.
Now do you see how Darwinian and atheistic science postulating  Something arising from Nothing is ACTUALLY out of alignment and at odds with Einstein / Newtonianian and Quantum Physics? It's right there in front of our eyes. Somethingness has always BEEN!

Let's go back before time, before the Big Bang of matter and energy. We can only go to one place to understand creation – the conscious mind source of The One Thing. So let us ponder consciousness, because it is the foundation of all laws, designs, systems, and patterns in matter, energy and awareness.
First the basics. Consciousness Is and knows that it Is. Consci-ousness is self-aware, self-directing, creative, expressive, intelligent, contemplative and loving of its own conscious being; for how could consciousness enjoy anything if not aware of its own awareness? Consciousness is the foundation and cause of all meditation and experience. Experience creates information in consciousness, or a knowing within, which is shared out, to the widest width of mind(s).

If we were not conscious beings, how could experiences come to us? We must be conscious to experience, to know, to feel love and to share information. Sharing experience is the substance of information; and information is the reason for and the material which we share.
Another crucial question: can beneficial accidents occur every where without being considered a true pattern? Patterns indicate intelligence. Accidents do not create patterns or designs. For example if we find life on other planets of any sort, how can they constantly be fortuitous accidents? If photosynthesis (how plants live) is happening on other planets, is it ‘accidental’ everywhere?

Life On Other Planets

Could intelligent life be happening across the universe, on other planets, many light years away where their comets could not seed our planet? This is a favorite argument of atheist scientists the comets brought life here. Okay, funny. How did comets get the Life (from where)? If there is life elsewhere was It an accident too?  If grass and trees are everywhere – on other planets – is that an accident too?

Let's Consider UFOs

If these spacecraft have pilots doesn’t it indicate intelligence elsewhere in the universe? So many governments, agencies, people, organizations, like the Air force have seen, reported, interacted and “touched” them it is difficult to say they do not exist. Intelligence is a greater miracle than photosynthesis, is it not?
If intelligence is an accident of dumb luck it would mean an unending proclivity for creating intelligent life forms constantly ‘fortuitously’ is constantly going on all over.  Proclivities, indicate Intelligence - not accidents.  Hmmm.

We can apply Accidentalism as the new name for Darwinian science. Why? Well, according to his theory everything comes from an accidental haphazardousness. With the universe over 14-15 billion years old is that enough time for endless accidents to sponsor quadrillions of  amazing beautiful and self-contained masterpieces of living life forms and within universal processes (that are so inexplicably perfect and harmonious everyone shakes their head in awe)? No.
Yet what they see as accidentalism is actually an Intelligent Causation that permeates everything, in all cosmic matter and energy, throughout the cosmos.
Let’s ask a question that never gets asked. This’ll put “Darwinian Accidentalism” to a test in your own mind, perhaps more than any other question. We’ve all seen movies of extraterrestrials visiting Earth. Director/Writers Steven Spielberg, Jim Cameron and George Lucas made these interactions with beings from other planets or galaxies quite famous, even charming.
Cameron, in the film The Abyss made the ET’s the most interesting looking, and truly different in appearance. They had translucent see-through skin, and their bodies were illuminated with unique colors, having wings and interior organs and “blood-veins” visible through their transparent epidermis. But they did have eyes, mouths, lips, even smiles (among other familiar qualities).

Yoda, ET and Jabba the Hut were different looking too, but all of them had ‘familiar’ body aspects. In Avatar they looked almost just like humans. We could go on, but you have the point. Now let’s get out of the film genre and consider actual ET’s (in an Accidental cosmos as Darwin suggests they'd form within).

Let’s just take the five Senses (not to mention arms, legs, head, organs, blood, lungs for breathing or hair). If ET’s have 5 senses - smell, sight, hearing, tasting, touching just as we do how can that be considered an accident, when these ET’s would live light years away from us? – yet be so similar (similarly equipped) as us?
If they have eyelids and lips around eyes and mouth, what sort of accident of the universe could have lips as beneficial features (yet accidental) on beings from different star systems? Would lips show up as an accident everywhere? Would the sense of SMELL show up as an accident everywhere? Are fingers a bit accidental dumb luck everywhere?
If they have internal organs like we do, accidentally doing the same crucially important things as our organs (digesting food) how could that be considered an accident of pure dumb luck, everywhere? Did they get hydrochloric acid in stomachs too, to digest food like us?

Friends, that is just too silly a supposition for people to believe in (that dumb luck is so fortuitous) giving Beings in different star systems, the same basic design. Sorry. The only folks who believe dumb luck is that fortuitous are closed-minded Darwinian believers, who have devoted their whole career to it (to his 150 year old theory).
Finally consider this. On our planet, with all the millions of species supposedly evolving separately from a bit of slime, how could the accident of giving functional, attractive and beneficial LIPS (around mouth-openings all with white teeth) have fortuitously yet accidentally evolved in most every species on our planet? Really?

The same evolutionary accident happened millions of times (all from an accident of living slime)? To believe this, one has to be close-minded. Thank god teeth are white. Can you imagine teeth being black every time we smiled, it’d be ugly – scary. Ugh.

Let us consider your own intelligence. Let’s put you to the test. A traveler going through South Dakota knows an intelligence carved the faces on Mount Rushmore – Yes? Not the erosion forces of wind or water. Could erosion give Roosevelt glasses?

I cannot imagine anyone saying that wind and water carved those presidential faces can you? Mind you, carving and erosion are the most basic and simple forces in the world. It’s just rocks wearing away. Why should that be difficult to happen by accident? Why could not the wind and water make Lincoln? Now, why mention this?

To evaluate the effects of natural forces magically yet accidentally congealing into things each human cell literally has millions of complex, interacting parts as we know from reading the Introduction. Of the multitudinous aspects that communicate with each other, each performs cellular chores using electricity and language to share updates with each other on how it’s all going. There are about one-hundred trillion in the human body, yet each communicates intelligently, with all the others.
Some people think the human cell congealed haphazardly, with millions of fortuitous accidents that then resulted in the millions of cell-systems contained within compartments (that are slightly larger than a group of intelligent molecules).
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