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Achieving university degrees in Communication, Science,Theology, Psychology he received under-graduate degrees attending Ambassador College. Entering the Communications Fine Arts Master’s Program at USC he taught Public Communication Theory and Speech at college levels. He was also a champion in racquetball.

Over 35 years in a passionate absorption of quantum physics - the science uniting Mathematics with consciousness and Physics with metaphysics we see this science provides an insightful vision regarding the mystery of the cosmic-energy comprising all things in the infinitude - even our lifeforce consciousness.
His written credits over 2 decades include Darwin's Fatal Admission, Breath of Light & Splendorous Light Within - along with 9 years re-translating for modern minds, the ancient scroll of Thomas newly discovered in 1945 after near 2000 years hidden in Egypt's sand. Four epic sci-fiction screenplays: Aquarian Effect and Mystic Traveler I-III are also his material.

By the author’s correlating the science of Quanta -packets of light energy - operating in and As the cosmos, yet in our bodies and consciousness too, we can see why reality and consciousness meld at the deep levels of the universe.

In this way methods for re-identifying self-awareness out of,  and away from ego is seen in simplicity.

Methods in depth-consciousness and ancient ex-periential energy disciplines are the deep
introspective form for re-identification and mind-renewal - revealing true knowledge of our Identity. Yet they've been forgotten, and by almost everyone.    
The famed writer and teacher, William Samuel was his mentor, and coincidentally his relative.

Earlier he was the public speaking voice of the loved Barksdale Self-Esteem Foundation in Southern California delivering seminars there, on living and growing true self-esteem.

He started three firms in service industries, and was involved with one of his businesses going Public.

Today he remains a writer and enthusiastic public speaker in science and metaphysical awareness, including the realm of film making as well. He lives with his beloved. His adult children are on their own bright pathways.
This book is Brilliant. OMG. I've never read anything like it; I love how it touches the mystery, through scientific evidence in Life that's recently been uncovered. Some of us see and experience this Wonder by way of our Heart. I love how this brings in the affirming intellect - pointing to The Mystery through 'science'. Nice!  Methodically, step by step, it takes pure data, in an immense measure allowing us to SEE the wonder, all the while being coherent and intelligent. It unravels materialist ideas entirely.
Many'll finally get to see it cognitively
through this way, but.. really this is for everyone - from any direction that they might come - w
ho could argue?
It's an amazing conceptualization on     Darwin - shining through in scientific   brilliance.  Thank you.
Sandy Jones, Bookseller

Lachlen French is a scout, an explorer who’s ventured forth into unmapped territory, and sending back to civilization his maps, rough sketches and insights. It’s satisfying to learn more about quantum physics, sharing and unveiling scientific jargon dislodging old-fashioned theories of evolution and generally accepted nonsense; and presented in a more updated discourse - that merges science with spirituality. 
Barbara Patton Unger, Author

I have never read a more cohesive explanation of the origins of life, showing a universal harmony between science and spirituality. Rather than one excluding the other, they now actually support and compliment, as well as provide a further platform for including mystic realities into the perfect tapestry of life in all it's explanations.

This book gives credence to quantum science, spirituality and metaphysical realms, thus uniting them all in a cohesive and expanded understanding of each in theories you have perhaps not yet entertained.
G. Rankin
CEO, Conscious Implications

Lachlen I can't tell you how much I appreciate you being here for me. Your information is valuable to my life. Most folks around are lost in the separation of our social conditioning, but it's really nice to know I have some backup material when it's time to share with my loved ones. I must say though, I have rarely (if ever) come across a writer who can put so much meaningful information into such neat packages .You have done a tremendous job! You may use this email if you wish, I would find it an honor!

Thank You So Much! Kim

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