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For the first time in Publishing history...Reversing 160 years of falsehood –– sharing the true spirit of quantum science from Albert Einstein and Max Planck both, this book goes where no one has gone before –– showing not everyone even agreed with Darwin, especially not the most revered and famous science minds of our time...

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"Without education, we are in horrible and deadly danger
of taking educated people seriously."

– G. K. Chesterton, 1874-1936.

I remember the first time I felt Darwin’s evolutionary theory would be seen as untrue by every one. It was only a matter of time, I felt. I was seeing those amazing images of the human cell and its startling interior. The man onstage with screen-images behind him shared the most fascinating scenes of life that we’d ever seen. He revealed the magnificent component parts of the human cell.

Do you remember the first time that you saw those magazine photos of human embryos in-utero growing in progression stages making you stunningly jaw-dropped that a camera could get inside that alive womb-darkness; and see the awesome tininess of a baby’s living design in complete miraculousness? This man’s film presentation was like that rarity.

When discussing any truth or falsehood in Darwin's Evolution it may be fraught with emotion, some controversy and also deep feeling, on both sides of the question.  When people who appreciate Intelligent Design, or if religious and metaphysical folks hear that a new book is out, proclaiming to disprove Darwinism - in its complete Entirety – well, they’ll probably be pleased.  Atheistic Darwinists could feel attacked by the book’s very purpose and may not even pick it up. Agnostics, may still be open-minded and might read to find on which side of the question they can now plant their feet.

But a question arises in the writing of such a book. While it uses large portions of its pages taking the contrived evolutionary tenets apart – point by point – Will it also replace, inform and build up a coherent scientific vision on the true facts of the universe? Will its science be new, advanced, fresh or truly satisfying?  Will it supply the reader with that much desired, sought out vision of how Life and existence could come to Be; Why and How the universe moves and works as it does?   

The answer to this is a resounding affirmative - YES! 
The knowledge here congeals in cohesive comprehensions, for those desiring to see the mystery of quantum reality - how matter-energy-time-space emanates  - well we've found the place to rest our attention. It’s going to be exciting.

Now, seeing a cell’s interior is an experiential hyperbole in awareness – it’s truly awesome. Cells are so small there’s an incredible amount of them – like 100 trillion cells inside us. They’re so smart they're programmed to be unique, making themselves slightly different for differing body-areas – fingernails, eyelids, teeth, organs, eyeballs, hair, skin, bones, lips yet they’re quite uniform as well. The cell-presentation revealed an inner-universe that is strange and wonderful – it’s like some futuristic under water city of science fiction. The interior appears to be acres or miles of size, and width, and depth.

The cell is comprised of myriad amazing structures looking uniquely weird yet logical (reminding us of an Art Director or Set Designer’s artistry in movie making). And in all of this liquid inner area there are fascinations – moving machines, structures, many dream-like energy-activities all immersed in an inner cellular fluid. The awesome Flagellum whirls at 10,000rpm as a propeller creating motion – energy – such science. And it stops in an instant to spin the opposite direction immediately.

Inside the cell there are walls vital room-compartments a space-needle-spire vertically lifts elevator-like-things. Platform-foundations have walls, doorways and objects attached as are machine-like things too (that move all over this inner space). There’re so many charming, sparkling seeming-mechanistic-object-munchkins going here and there, floating with purpose; then they zoom across the cell’s inner liquid spaces to some purpose. They’re connecting to other objects, touching, imparting apparent information, making things light-up in momentary gratitude.

There’s a bulbous pliant-stretchy-sack-like-thing expanding and contracting like a heart. There’s tubes shooting protein-streams, hoses-moving, machines Work churning spinning flipping rotating doing something important; and electrical wire-like things carry current across the interior to purposes then terminate at almost endless electrical senders-receptors on the exterior ‘skin’ of the Cell (for communicating to all other bodily cells in something like an electric Morse pulsing light code, some believe). Yet, we cannot even imagine how they’re communicating.

The cell seems large like an undersea theme park or a huge material and power-generating plant, yet it’s immersed in fluid – in “acres” of 3-dimensional space. When we know how tiny Quanta of matter-energy can get, it simply befuddles our mind  –  the detail. Seeing depictions of a cell interior down there at that rarified magnification is purely humbling to human sensibilities. How did all those systems get created and designed so that they would ‘work together’ keeping the cell incredibly alive?

But who gleaned quantum-particles from the ether of time-space shaping differing materials in a varied and rich construction of texture –pliant, spiral, rough, striated, sparkling-mechanistic, smooth, pointed, flat, rope-like, boxlike, tube-like, platforms, fasteners, propellers – how did this panoply of science come together with purpose, function in atomic structure; and from where did all that liquid come which endless objects are immersed in?

The question of liquid arising all over may take part of a chapter. A cell’s inner world appears vast and systems almost look like human environments with human analogies and similarities of construction purpose-fulfillment. There are now so many scenes taken from electron microscopes and moving images about how the cells work (some 30,000 trillion duties) every second of day or night in our body – it’s like a small universe working meticulously harmoniously but unfathomably, to use a cliché.

The immensity of a trillion activities per minute is incomprehensible; however getting our minds around 30,000 trillion cellular activities per second is beyond human appreciation or assimilation. Did You get it - ‘every second’? What wisdom is directing the cosmic quantities of incomprehensible energy, function, purpose, duty, cell-food creation in the mitochondria’s center, waste-disposal and the cells each speaking in a language of some sort? As said, see the URL domains

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It's like a city environment with "trash trucks picking up waste". It’s so humongous in complexity and scope, where, how, and why did the insight arise in numerous systems operating only side by side (because when one fails the cell fails too) due to the crucial importance of all of them.

It exemplifies the concept of systems working within Irreducible Complexity. This says, when there are systems working right next to each other that are inter-dependent on each other, with each of these systems being needful T0 the whole, we realize the entire System-of-Systems is a wholeness (not just parts near each other). This means the whole design of the myriad systems only work as a unit.

Now, if they work only as a unit, which they Do, then the Unit of Systems working in systematic-multiplicity, like an athletic team arises as a team together (because if they did Not) the cell dies, (as One of its irreducibly needful parts has failed, or is missing). They are all needed in the entire activity. The cell will not only Not survive but it’ll never even start UP after cell-splitting has occurred from its previous state. We’ll discuss cell-splitting.

In my adult life over decades I enjoyed a continuing depth of degree-study, scholarship, research in science (Psychology too, for why people do what they do) history, philosophy, theology, quantum physics. These areas were featured with a broad depth so it became plain to me this book had to be written. I’ve shared my insights here and some incredulity with friends and colleagues enjoying encouragement to write this – perhaps release others from a prison of disenchantment acquired in secularly biased educations. It’s not that most folks suffer under evolutionary theory – approximately 95% of humanity believes deific power designed life and the cosmos yet there’s an attempt among the other 5% to teach kids atheistic theories which hold no water and worse they have no water.

These ones work in a Liberal Progressive System operating from Get children’s minds and we get this nation. These ones purvey their ideas to school-age kids and respected colleges and universities for this end. Darwin’s Fatal Admission is written offering a scientific balance of clarity in irrefutable ideation, for people with no current words for the faithfulness they feel but now, can absorb the words or concepts so they can then share them and their own words too.

Other disciplines I enjoy include pondering over much of life questioning noting & synthesizing in many areas that also seeded the material here. Very few topics of normal human pondering are left untouched in pursuing Darwinian subject matters, and often they’re deeply connected. Much of our lives will be touched herein. This includes perusing Albert Einstein’s and Max Planck’s Quantum science- – a very real love for me.

A beautiful insight of Albert Einstein is: "The Intuitive Mind is a Sacred Gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We’ve created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

If you wondered Sacred gift is a gift given from above to assist or help complete our journey. Einstein was famous for his scientific ‘thought-experiments’ and intuitions, as well as his remarkable intuitive ability to “See” into. He had a gift for wisdom that was beyond the math, and all the equations.

The arts and sciences, scholarship, research, assimilating, study, sorting, organizing are all basic traits of the human mind, even in feeble attempts by teenagers in straightening up their room. But in an advanced expression of aspiration, it has art and love in it; as well as passion. A labor of love can be felt by others, because the love felt in the creator-in-creation-during-creating is also felt by the reader, seer, feeler-listener-knower-ponderer in fine ways.

That energy of love, and that labor of love-energy is the Commutative and Distributive properties of mathematics in action, in human energy-sharing. Yes mathematics marries itself to heart’s soul-awareness, too.

Mathematics is the high insight on cosmic organization, construction, distribution, order in a time-space-matter-energy universe. It so beautifully delivers sound, and frequencies, music, motion, vibrations, rhythms, patterns, inertia, experience, rest – it’s In all our experiential moments. We Could not, Would not ever see or know the universe in all its permutations without the deep mathematics in us and in the very construction, structure, energy-essence of the cosmos, (and in its pulsing –its wafting-out-essences of large or minute packets of energy) called Quanta – quantum energy – in rhythmic fashions and modulated bursts.

Yes friends it’s all possible thanks to invisible mathematics everywhere. This math-everywhere fact is a bugaboo-downer for Darwin. Mathematics is so scientifically formulated we wonder How .. Is such deep intelligent science, flatly Running every cosmic thing? They don’t know, but you will.


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